Celebrating Safely

During the New year celebration our Feathered, Furry and Scaly loved ones can easily become scared during the festivities.

Many pets become scared at the sound of fireworks or noisy music, and oddly enough they runaway trying to find safety

Here are a few tips we can think of to keep your Dog calm and Safe

  • If possible, keep pets indoors

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment where they can go to get away from noise and guest they are unfamiliar with ( Toys and blankets help)

  • Ensure Pets are wearing ID tags and are microchipped if possible in case they do get loose

  • No Alcohol (obvious but just remind your guest about the dangers of pets consuming alcohol)

If your pet displays anxiousness normally during these times we highly encourage that you speak with your vet on recommendations.

Here are some things we have that may help keep your pet calm such as Calming treats, Thunder Shirts and Pet friendly CBD oils which we do have instore.