Border Collie with a Bone

About Our Pet Store

Our store is family friendly, with a casual atmosphere that our customers have come to love. Locally owned and operated, our family knows just what your pet needs for optimal health and happiness. Pets our always welcome in our store (leashed or held, of course) and we look forward to getting to know them personally!

How to treat our families

Looking for the right puppy for your home can be challenging at times and after that comes the care and the adapting. These things can be stressful and lead you not to want to get a furry, feather or even scaled loved one.

Stress no more we at The Pet Hale have done a little of the leg work for you.

Our puppies come from local families who want to find homes for their fur babies. Each litter goes through an onboarding process before coming to the store.


Step.1 Gather information about parents

Age, weight, number of liters, last litter etc


Step.2 Simple health check

Puppies are seen by a local vet for a simple health check.


Step.3 First vaccinations

They get their first round of vaccinations.

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Step.4 Consultation

During the consultation of picking out your new addition our associates will help educate you if needed on a puppy first night and can help answer questions or concerns you may.


Step.5 A free vet checks

Within 7 days the puppy is to be tokened to one of our partnered vets to be seen for another health check this will Also validate the warranty the puppy comes with.

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Step.6 Warranty

Our puppies come with a year free warranty of up to $1000.00 vet reimbursements (please note that it does not cover every vert bill you get it is not pet.

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Now doesn’t that sound a whole better, a more of peace mind and if you are worried about the years to come, we got you! Call us if you have questions, we are a Pet store we got supplies you may need and don’t think of us as just a business transaction. We are Ohana (family) bring your baby back for a visit we love to see how well they are doing.