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Marebel Y. reviewed The Pet Hale - 5 star December 14, 2017
Trusted pet store and owners. We bought their personal Aussie Shepherd puppy there in August. The sweetest little puppy. We love her so much! Great service. We visit with them all the time. We live in Ewa and we go all the way to Mililani to get products and see all the new puppies.

Jenny N. November 27th, 2017
My fiancé and I visited Per Hale to check out their puppies a couple of weeks ago. I MELTED when I saw the American bull dogs! I WANTED ONE! But my fiancé had to walk me out as soon as I got excited. The worker, was very nice. She greeted us as soon as we walked in, asked us if we needed help to find anything. She was busy cutting things but she still found time to walk over to the cages and ask if we were okay. She also smiled at us while we were exiting "come again soon!"

Neil Y. left a 5 star review on  November 12, 2017
This place has all the good pet food brands that you're looking for that major pet retailers don't have. I buy Orijen dog food from here. Small, family run shop. Never had a problem here. :)

Pamela L August 17, 2017
We got our puppy about 3 months ago hes doing great we actually had a great experience here we got to pet a couple puppies and then our little Jack Jack Stoll our hearts we love our little boy he's so happy and loves to play we're very glad we got him here! 💙💙💙

K. Edwards January 10, 2017
We got a lovebird from The Pet Hale, and they walked us through the store and helped us gather all the basics we would need to take our little Peachy home! Our bird is delightful and healthy. The store was clean and well organized, and the cages were well kept.

B. Palomino August 21, 2016
My husband and I bought our first dog from here about two years ago. She is a Lab and brings such joy to our family. We decided it was time to get another dog to complete our family. We bought a husky. This place is wonderful and they care so much for every animal in their store. I don't understand why they have bad reviews. They have rules for a reason. To keep all the animals safe. Something as simple as sanitizing your hands before you pet an animal is so important. These puppies have not had all their vaccines so they are keeping them safe. I think it is wonderful they care so much. I recommend this place to anyone looking for an animal to add to their family. I now have two of the best dogs ever thanks to them. Thank you so much. Cali (Lab) and Tiger Lily (Husky) say hello!

J. Salvacion March 8, 2017
We got our shih tzu pup from here, Outstanding! Not only did they call us when the puppies were available for sell, But they walked us through the store for what we needed for our pup. I'm definitely going back here. Thanks guys! We love our shih tzu.

A. Adams February 10, 2016
Great little family store! WIDE variety of bird toys which I love!! They let me visit with and take my time choosing the right bird for my family. I was able to visit with 3 birds to decide. No pressure to buy the bird either, nice and relaxed. This was an awesome experience, the employee happily let me take my time and that was WONDERFUL!! No pressure to buy food from them either but they did recommend buying just enough to get him a bit older since he was weaned with that particular brand...made sense to me. Gave 4/5 stairs because 1 of the 3 little containers of food had 2 live ants and 3 gnats in it. Probably okay for bird to eat the bugs but still threw away that particular container. I would definitely shop there again to visit and make purchase

R. Jarchow July 21, 2016
This place is very nice. My boyfriend and I stopped in to see the puppies they had. They were very nice and helpful and let us take our time to decide what puppy we wanted.

M. Kj March 22, 2016
Awesome experience buying are new addition to our family!! They are NOT RUDE!! they just do not care about the sell or money' they actually want the animals to go to GOOD homes!!! They will educate you if you come off ignorant to owning a pet' they are what animals need they are protecting what their family built a business on' to better the lives of animals!! Ricky I believe is his name took the time to answer question tell us how to potty train and reminded us that it will be a challenging time and to care for the puppy with respect!! Honestly some people need this wake up when buying an animal.He Offered the best food and toys for the puppy. over all best experience and we love ❤️ ❤️ our puppy she is amazing!! They need to keep doing what they believe in and be the voice for the animals!!!

L. Tatekawa August 6, 2013
By far the best customer service! Thank you for always taking a few moments out of your busy day to answer my daughters' questions about your animals:)

A. Mad September 12, 2014
It's a Very nice little Pet store. Homey feeling kinda place and Very friendly people, nice staff I highly recommend!!!! J. Young December 24, 2013 Brandy helped me pick my new furry friend today :) she was super nice, patient and knowledgable. I'm very happy and glad that I went to Pet Hale today!

J. Young December 24, 2013
Brandy helped me pick my new furry friend today :) she was super nice, patient and knowledgable. I'm very happy and glad that I went to Pet Hale today!

J.C. March 6, 2017
I enjoy visiting the Pet Hale after my gym workout. The family that runs it truly loves animals and takes excellent care of them. They carry top of the line cat and dog food. Yes, the prices are high, as expected for premium 5-star pet food, but I believe comparable to other pet stores and probably cheaper than the chains like Petsmart and Petco. I don't know much about birds, but I think they sell quality bird food and supplies. If you have a pet bird, this is the place to come. They have everything imaginable for birds. They also have quite a selection of exotic birds (the blue and gold macaws are absolutely gorgeous), all hand raised and fed.

Sonny L. February 19, 2017
We bought one of our puppies (from a litter of 8) and came back 5 weeks later and got her sister (the last of the litter)too! We love our girls and they were happy to be reunited. The puppies were healthy, clean, socialized, vet checked and had their first vaccines. Thanks to Pet Hale. You get what you pay for. The family here does an excellent job. Nearly 3 years later, we still come back and buy treats and stuff for our pet mice from here and are always greeted warmly and asked about ALL our dogs, not just the ones from Pet Hale. This is a nice family running an old school local family business not a corporate chain with 20 employees.

Lea H. June 18, 2016
I love going out to this store for bird supplies. They have a huge array of bird toys, food, supplies, cages, carriers and birdie diapers. There are plenty of items for small and medium birds, and big chewers like my cockatoos. Plus stuff for the really big birds, like my Blue and Gold Macaws and my Molluccan cockatoo. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to -- very enthusiastic and willing to share information and advice. This where I pick up the birdies diapers and leashes for my birds. Every time I have my birds out in their diapers and on a leash, folks stop and ask me where I got them and if they have sizes to fit all birds. Yes they do! Also, if you are looking for something in particular, and don't see it right away, the staff will show you where it is, or even work on bringing it in for you. A lot of people I know wanted the RoudyBush bird foods in different flavors and sizes, so they brought it in and carry a nice selection.

Healther K. April 14, 2016
Awesome. Informative. Helpful. Everyone was great and allowed us to handle anything we wanted to handle. The staff all were very pleasant and direct. They answered every question, some even twice, with patience. I would support this business 100%.

Grace M. March 31, 2016
We just bought our first puppy today! The owners are so, so, SO helpful and they know their stuff! We had a lot of questions about the breeds and she was able to provide all the answers we needed. She even helped us find all the essentials & supplies we would need and recommended the right products for our puppy. This place is clean and they take SUPER good care of these puppies, they treat them so well. She also informed us that all the puppies come from reputable local breeders :) We are so happy to be this new puppy's forever home! So far she is loving it -- our first night together and she is fast sound asleep as you can see in the photo!! :) Thank you for all your help Pet Hale!

Nicole P. February 11, 2016
I don't understand what all these (Yelp!) reviews are about but then I looked a PetsMart too and it's even worse.... Anyhoo, I had purchased my puppy Rupert from here 2 years ago and often come back for supplies. This is a family run store and they remember me every time! We always chat and show each other picture of Rupert and they're new puppies. The daughter at the counter even had a pic of his litter from two years ago and could pick out which one he was! They are awesome and fairly priced. :)

Chris D. December 20, 2015
The Pet Hale is a great place to go for pets and pet food. The employees are helpful and respectful. I would go there compared to any other pet store. They're a family owned business, and care about their pets and customers.

Kayla O. September 17, 2014 I was looking for Jackson Chameleons for my son and no pet store near Ewa Beach had any. So I Called The Pet Hale and asked if they had Jackson Chameleons, they did! Sooo excited. I asked Ricky (or Rick) for help. I believe me and my husband asked over a hundred questions and he answered every single one very honestly. He didn't push us to buying anything that was unnecessarily needed. We bought the Jackson, a decent size cage for him, cage carpet, some plants to put into his new home and crickets for him to eat. Everything came out $120. Not bad!! Pricing for all of that at petco or petsmart was almost $200. Overall, my first experience here was the best I've had at ANY pet store. These people really love animals, and are so so so nice. We will most definitely be driving to The Pet Hale from Ewa Beach whenever we need something for our new family member.
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