Our Pets

At The Pet Hale, we advocate adoption and have information in-store about several local animal shelters that may have a perfect fit for your family. As another option, we have an array of live animals available, at all times, from which you may choose. See the list below for pets we have to check out...and remember, we'd love to meet you even if it's just to drop by and talk story!
• Birds
• Chameleons
• Guinea Pigs
 Turtles & Tortoises
We also have live Crickets & Mealworms, too!
We have never, and will never, place puppies in our store from large scale breeding operations or from anyone we believe is not caring for the puppies or their parents properly. Most puppies in our store have come from families with pets that have had a litter. These families place them in our store so we can assist placing them with new families. Many are referred to The Pet Hale by others who have had a good experience placing puppies with us themselves, and even from local veterinarians who have come to trust the practices we have in place to ensure the health and welfare of our furry friends.
All of our puppies are screened by a licensed veterinarian at a vet clinic while both The Pet Hale and the puppy's family is present. Puppies receive their first vaccinations and de-worming prior to placement in our store. When taken home by their new family, the puppy receives another free exam by the veterinarian, a Health Warranty good for 1 year and $1,000, free food, and discounts good for 15% off supplies on the day of purchase.
Image of our Bunnies and puppies in Mililani, HI
Male and female Chameleons and plenty of the crickets they love!
Handfed Lovebirds!
Sunday Conures!
Assorted Green Cheek, Sun, and Jenday Conures!
Lot's of cute Guinea pigs!
Assorted Finches!
Lot's of cute Guinea pigs!
Assorted Parakeets!
Lot's of cute Guinea pigs!
Lot's of cute Guinea pigs!
Puppies receive their first vaccinations

    Puppies Available 6/29/15

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